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Welcome to a Special Sri Lankan restaurant

Welcome to the blog of the award-winning Copper Ceylon restaurant, a special place to enjoy Sri Lankan food, drink and hospitality.

We could talk at length about that food and drink, but if you come and taste it, it talks for itself! However, do think about this. Sri Lankan cuisine is itself special. Not Indian, not Thai, not Chinese, but often with hints of all three. We make sure we have an authentic base to our menu, so our customers experience what Sri Lankans make in their homes. But at times we add our own twists, and because we bring to our kitchen some of the best chefs in Sri Lanka, those twists are inspired.

Not long after we won the award for Best Sri Lankan Curry Restaurant of the Year in the London Curry Awards 2022, our owner Haran appeared on the Business Bunker podcast. You can hear him talk about the restaurant and what we do here.

Another speciality of the Copper Ceylon is our late night, weekend experiences. On Fridays and Saturdays between 10pm and 2am, the place transforms into the most happening spot in the centre of Bromley. You can dine before or during these hours, but from 10pm upbeat music picks up the tempo and a DJ takes charge! Often the excitement grows as entertainers are added. Perhaps you will see a belly dancer, or a fire-eater, or even a fire-eating belly dancer!

There is one more thing that you should know about the Copper Ceylon restaurant. It has a heart. We’re an active part of our local community and of the wider community. For example, in the summer of 2022 we helped at a Ukraine Family Day run by the Mayor of Bromley and local Rotary clubs. We have two new community events coming up.

On 20th October we sponsor and host the Mayor of Bromley for a fundraiser for Ukraine

Then, on 13th November, we host a fundraiser for Sri Lankan charities, with an exciting evening of raffles, blackjack and roulette, with a live DJ. Learn about these very special charities at this black-tie networking event. Tickets here.

Come and join us at the Copper Ceylon, and be part of our community.


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