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Have a Tropical Christmas at Copper Ceylon!

Christmas should be memorable, a real high point of the year for people to gather and have a good time.

Bromley’s award-winning Copper Ceylon restaurant offers a christmas feast with a difference. The chic décor and welcoming staff set the tone, but the signature cocktails and a stand-out, spicy set menu really add to the experience.

The three courses on offer provide a selection to choose from, with starter, main course and dessert. Perhaps Chili Chicken Lollipop followed by Honey Turkey Fiesta (yes, there is a turkey option!), and, to finish, Watalappan? Just what is Watalappan? A traditional Sri Lankan desert made using coconut milk, cardamom, eggs, kithul and nutmeg. Why not come to the Copper Ceylon and enjoy Christmas with a unique dining experience in the heart of Bromley?

Bookings are available between 15th November and 24th December.

If you want to be entertained, book one of our late night. On Fridays and Saturdays between 10pm and 2am, the place transforms into the most happening spot in the centre of Bromley. You can dine before of during these hours, but know that from 10pm upbeat music picks up the tempo and a DJ takes charge! Often the excitement grows as entertainers are added. Perhaps you will see a belly dancer, or a fire-eater, or even a fire-eating belly dancer! Why not get your Christmas groove on at the Copper Ceylon?


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